Borrowing Guidelines:

Persons who live, work, or own property in the Tombigbee Regional Library System (Clay, Monroe, Choctaw, and Webster Counties) may receive a free library card.  All patrons registered in good standing in libraries with membership in the Golden Triangle Regional Library Consortium may borrow materials from all of the TRL branches with their membership card / barcode.  Students attending schools or colleges within the System are also eligible for a library card.

To receive a library card, adults and young adults, age 18 and older, must show a picture ID and proof of a current address (driver’s license, checkbook, electric bill, etc.).  Children, 5 to 17, may receive a library card if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian with proper identification.   A nonresident (from other counties or from out-of-state) may be issued a library card with a deposit of $25.00 per person for a period of one year from the date the fee was paid.

Providing false or misleading information when registering for a library card is grounds for permanent loss of borrowing privileges.

Patrons should have only one “active” library card at any given time.  Patrons from communities within the GTRLC consortium should use their library cards issued from their member library.  Exception: Students attending MSU, EMCC or MUW could have two cards, if they received a TRL card before attending college.  They do not need a TRL card if they have a university card.

Patrons living temporarily in group homes will be issued library cards in their name with the group home address.  The group home is responsible for the return of all items borrowed.

Children who come to the library with a child care / day care group may not check out books in their name.   A responsible child care worker may check out up to 10 items for the group on their own cards.  The child care worker is responsible for the return of all items borrowed.

Books may not be borrowed at registration. Library cards will be mailed to patrons verifying the address.  When cards are received, patrons will have full borrowing privileges.

A library card must be shown to check out items, to place a reserve or to use computers.  All users will be verified (address, phone number) at each check out.  A fee of $3.00 will be charged to replace a lost or damaged card.  Replacement cards are issued free of charge if unusable due to an unreadable barcode.

Circulation staff has the right to refuse library service to patrons that misuse library services and/ or have long overdue books and fines

Checkout / Return Guidelines:

Materials are checked out for two weeks (14 days) and may be renewed in person or by phone, if a reserve has not been placed on the item.   Items may be renewed twice for a total of 6 weeks.  Books may be returned to the library or to the outside Book Return.   Audio Visual materials should not be placed in the book drop due to extreme heat and cold.  Patrons may borrow up to 10 items, but only 2 audio visuals and 2 books on a subject may be may be borrowed at one time.

Overdue Charges:

Late fines are 10 cents for all items (including AV) per day except for days the library is not open.  Printed overdue notices will be mailed when books are a week overdue, and a final notice is sent in two weeks.  Books must be returned and fines must be paid before patrons can borrow other materials or use the computers.  The maximum fine charged will be $5.00 per item.

The library can delete or block patrons from library use for long overdue books and unpaid bills.   Patrons with long overdues / fines may also forfeit the use of other libraries in the GTRLC consortium until the charges are cleared.  Seriously overdue accounts may be turned over to an agency or the city/county for collection.

Deposit Books:

Many libraries in the TRL System have books that may be circulated for two weeks with a $25.00 refundable fee when returned.  Books such as ACT, GED, ASVAB, SAT, car repair, etc. are often classified as DEPOSIT, as they have a high rate of being long overdue and never returned.

Lost or Damaged Material:

Patrons are charged the replacement costs ( found in Amazon, BSB catalog, etc.) for lost or damaged items.   No refunds will be given if the items are found.


A hold or reserve can be placed on titles owned by the TRL system and those libraries in the GTRL consortium except for non-circulating items such as Special Collections, Reference, etc. Holds may be placed at the libraries, online, or by phone. Patrons will be notified when the items are available for circulation. Books on hold that are not picked up within two weeks after notification will be shelved or sent back to the owning library.

If the book is not owned by the TRL System or the GTRL consortium, efforts will be made to borrow the item from other libraries through Interlibrary Loan.

Audio Visual Collection:

Borrowers must be 18 years or older and have an up-to-date library card to check out items in the AV collection.  A responsible adult must check out AV for borrowers under 18 on the adult’s card.  Late fees for AV items are 10 cents a day per item. Only 2 items from the AV collections may be borrowed at one time.

Non-circulating collection:

Books in Reference, Special Collections or newspapers cannot be circulated and must be used in the library.  Information from these collections may be photocopied at 25 cents per page.  Because of the fragile condition and the rarity of some materials, special permission from the Branch Librarian or the Library Director may be needed to copy those items.

Photocopying and printing:

Library staff will assist patrons by copying material.  Black and white photocopies are 25 cents per page.  Color copies are $1.00 a page. Front and back copies will be charged for each side. Oversize paper copies are 50 cents a page for b/w and $2.00 for color.   If patrons supply speciality paper for resumes, letterhead, etc., b/w printing will be 15 cents per page and $2.00 color.  Some branch libraries may not have color copiers.

Computer printouts are 25 cents a page. All monies will be collected at the Circulation Desk.

The Amory Municipal Library, Bryan Public Library, and Evans Memorial Library uses the print management system, Envisionware, to control computer reservation and printing.

Facsimile machine:

The library staff will send and receive faxes for patrons for $1.00 per page including the cover sheet.  This includes local and toll-free numbers.  Faxes to overseas numbers are $3.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page.

Telephone / Cellular Calls

Cellular phones should be turned off while in the library.  If patrons receive calls, ask them to please take the call in the foyer or outside the library.

Telephones in the library are for library use only and are not to be used by the public except for emergencies.   Staff cannot use valuable time making phone calls for children.  Arrangements must be made in advance for picking up after school, etc.

Confidentiality of Library Patron Records

Access to information and freedom to read are recognized as basic and necessary rights of all Americans.  Library records containing information about a borrower or his usage of specific library materials and information obtained through library resources are considered confidential.  Any release of such information may tend to inhibit the right of access, the freedom to read, and the use of library resources.

The Tombigbee Regional Library System, therefore, adopts the following guidelines:

A. All records, formal and informal,  print and electronic in the Tombigbee Regional System (including all branches) relating to  patron registration, holds,  log-in sheets, circulation, use  or access by patrons to materials, information, meeting rooms, displays or programs provided by the Library are considered to be confidential in nature.

B. Contents of registration, holds, log-ins, circulation or use records shall not be made available to anyone except under the written order of the Director of the Tombigbee Regional Library System and/or pursuant to a proper legal process, order, or subpoena.

C. Upon the receipt of any legal process, order, or subpoena, the person named and/or served shall immediately report to and consult with the Director of the Tombigbee System, and legal counsel for TRL and/or legal counsel of whatever county or city in which the branch library is located to determine if such legal process, order, or subpoena is proper.  In the event that the legal process fails to sufficiently identify or name in specified terms or specifications the records on file with respect to an identified library patron, the request may be considered defective and not binding upon the Library and its personnel, except under further due process of law.

D. Any records or conditions relating to the privacy of a patron through the records of the Tombigbee Regional Library System which are not provided in the policy statement shall be referred to the Director of the Tombigbee Regional Library System, who, after study and consultation with the Library Board of Trustees and/or legal counsel, shall issue a written decision as to whether or not to heed the request for information.

E. It is to be understood that efforts made by the Library to have library materials which have been loaned to patrons and which are overdue returned to the Library or receive proper payment for such materials are not the subject of the provisions of this policy.  A library patron, by failing to return the borrowed materials on time has, in effect, forfeited his protection of privacy.

F.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, the intent of this policy is to protect the privacy of patrons making bona fide use of the library and facilities. There shall be no expectation of privacy for anyone using the resources and/or premises of the library while in the commission of a crime.  If a crime of violence, theft, kidnapping, drug use or sale, or other apparent criminal acts are committed on the premises the library personnel shall immediately report the matter to appropriate law enforcement officials, the Branch Librarian  and the Director of the Tombigbee Regional Library System.  The same criteria shall apply to the release of names and addresses of persons who were present in the library at the time a criminal act is thought to have occurred on the library premises.

H.  Information concerning the use of the library material or data by a patron, however, will only be released in the discretion of the Director of the Tombigbee Regional Library System or pursuant to subpoena or other legal process.



Approved – Tombigbee Regional Library System, Library Board of Trustees 1-19-99

Revised and updated 5-8-2009, Updated 6-6-2012